Hi, I’m Kaitlyn, and welcome to my blog! You’re probably here because you follow my twitter: Catholic_Lady. And if you don’t, well then there’s a little unintentional self promotion for you.

Some things about me… I’m a small person with a big and joyful personality to make up for it. Currently I’m really interested in reading the Harry Potter Series. I’m also a big believer in iced caramel coffee. My hobbies include exercising, writing blogs, having campfires, being with loved ones, singing karaoke, going to the beach, and learning to cook new recipes. I have silly dance moves, One Republic is my jam, I enjoy being outdoors, and I’ll beat you at solitaire any day.

That was a joke. Solitaire is a one-person game.

But most importantly, I’m a college girl on a mission to Heaven! I’m a sinner, I’m Catholic, I’m consecrated to Mary, I want to write a book, and I’m ready for this big amazing journey that Christ wants to take me on!

I plan to write about that journey here, and include YOU in on all the fun.

One year ago I was blessed to be chosen to give my witness talk at Steubenville East in front of 4,000 teens about how my life was changed through the redeeming power of grace received in the sacrament of confession. You can watch it here:


If you’d like to contact me about anything you can email me here:



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